Nivachron For Cheap Watch Appeared

In the watch industry, the hairspring is the second most important part inside the mechanical watch. As the elastic component inside the clock, it can control the balance to reciprocate in time, so its operation is very important and has an important correlation with the quality of the mechanical watch! Hairsprings generally have many forms of expression, but the basic structure is fixed. Generally, there are three components, which are hairspring, inner pile and outer pile. The related technology is not much to say, anyway, knowing that the hairspring is based on a mechanical watch, it is very important.

nivachron swatch group

Nowadays, most of the cheap watches on the market still use metal hairsprings. In the early days, iron-based alloy hairspring materials were used. After that, INVAR iron alloy hairsprings with nickel were added, and now the mainstream nickel-chromium steel alloy Nivarox hairsprings, hundreds of years. Come, hairspring materials continue to evolve with the development of materials science. Of course, in addition to Nivarox hairspring, there are some special custom hairsprings, such as Elinvar nickel-chromium constant elastic steel hairspring, Anachron hairspring.

In recent years, technology has continued to advance, and the hairspring has evolved from metal to non-metal, and silicon hairspring was born. Since 2006, some brand watches have begun to use silicon hairspring on the watch. The two brands are the first three giants to study silicon (the other is Rolex), and the first use of silicon hairspring is a matter of course. Silicon hairspring has now spread to the price list.

According to the official introduction, the new Nivachron hairspring has many advantages. It not only reduces the influence of the magnetic field on the operation of the watch, but also has excellent impact resistance, which can significantly improve the performance of the watch. As for whether it is worthy of the name, will there be another round of storms in the industry, we will wait and see!

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