How To Successfully Upgrade The Erp System Version?

Starting in August of this year, we started the operation tracking and problem handling after the ERP system upgrade. This is also the beginning of our company's software update. At the beginning of September, we handled the follow-up issues of the system upgrade and re-planned the business process requirements survey, and then sorted out the issues and discussed the issues.

In October, the preliminary plan was completed, the project started the meeting, and the research project was completed. After that, the next goal of our ERP system is: 1. Production management business function training. 2. Organize new business process documents. 3. The new business process plan is discussed and confirmed. 4. New business process software features to achieve training. 5. Prepare real data test set of books, new business process test. 6. New business process test questions are collected and analyzed (repeated test). 7. The new business process test report identifies the new business process plan. 8. On-line operation and maintenance.

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Because ERP upgrades involve all aspects, and all upgrade-related requirements, recommendations, solutions, and conclusions need to be documented. Therefore, doing a good job of documentation is an important support for the success of the ERP version upgrade. The upgrade document includes a wide range of content. For example, the advance guidance of each upgrade task, the implementation record of the event, and the post-analysis results must form corresponding documents to record the specific upgrade implementation process and specific activities. As an upgrade document, it should also include project-related resources and their usage to facilitate tracking and monitoring project execution.

I hope that we will welcome the next order with a more complete ERP system.

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